Tecker Advertising Opportunities


Tecker is proud to announce that we are now selling ad space with AdBright!

Advertise on Tecker

AdBright offers a place to buy and sell ads for publishers and advertisers

Banner Ad Requirements

  1. Placement:
    1. Top of Page: 768x90 banner to the right of the logo. Also, on non-CSS enabled browsers right under the logo and before content.

      The banner ad size must be 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high. (For an 1040 by 768 pixel resolution screen (about 75% of Tecker users), this is about 8 inches by 1 inch.

    2. We're open to any other placement suggestions.

  2. File size:

    Image needs to be a maximum of 15KB.

  3. Resolution:

    Image must be optimized at 72 pixels per inch (standard computer screen resolution)

  4. Format:

    Image must be either .jpg, .png, or .gif format

  5. Payment:

    Payment due in advance according on agreed upon terms. We will provide you with a PayPal payment address.

  6. Hosting:

    We can host the image or you can.

  7. Pages:

    Tecker ads are displayed on all pages with a header in them (example: not RSS feeds). If you buy a percent of Tecker pages, that percent will be entered into a random number generator which will determine which ad to display on each page view. Thus percent of pages may vary slightly according to rules of probability.

  8. Times:

    As of now, ad starting and ending times are approximate. This means you may have more than a week of advertising.

  9. Content:

    Ad must meet terms of service. (ie. no porn)

  10. Caption:

    The "advertising" image to the right of the ad will be displayed at all times.

  11. No overly hyped text:

    Do not use text that will make your ad appear overly hyped. So, don't use the following: explicit comparative superlatives about success rates, status, or services; words such as "the best" or "the only"

Banner Ad Recommendations

You only have a split second or so to catch the viewers attention with your banner ad, everything about your banner ad should be done with need to capture the viewers attention easily and speedily. Although not required, Tecker recommends the following to increase the effectiveness of your banner ads:

  1. Use a small number of easy-to-read words:

    You can make the text easier to read by providing: a) large letters, b) few words (maximum of about 10 words)

  2. Add the following types of words into your banner:
    • main services:

      Add a few words of text into the banner ad, which describe your services. That way users will be more inclined to click on the ad, since they will know what they are clicking through to.

    • organization's name and logo:

      One of the main goals of a banner ad is for branding your organization. You would want to "brand" your organizations name and main services into the user's mind. Consequently, you may want to clearly add your organizations name and logo into the banner.

    • short, pithy action-oriented statements:

      If you write a full sentence in your ad banner, then users will be forced to read the entire sentence in order to understand the meaning. This takes too long. Instead, create short statements that will hopefully capture their attention.

    • Attention grabber:

      Feel free to pose an attention getting question in the banner ad, but try to keep it relatively objective.

  3. Create good contrast between the words and the background color:

    This will make the words easier to read.

If You Need to Develop a Banner Ad Image

If you need to develop a banner ad image, Tecker would be happy to develop one for you. Here are the steps:

  1. Review other banner ads to help you define what you would like in yours. Tecker will be happy to discuss this with you.

  2. Email the following to Tecker:

Tecker will discuss your input with you and then make the banner ad.

The banner ad typically takes one to three hours to create, depending on whether you supply the images and words, or they are done by Tecker. This time includes: discussion of your promotional text and design scheme, creation of the banner ad, and updates based on your feedback. Tecker charges $20/hour for graphic artist time. Contact us for more information.

More Information or to Advertise

For more information, or if you have something special in mind, contact us. Thank you!